Board Members

Daniel Spasic

Daniel Spasic
Founder, Shareholder and Board Member

Daniel founded TFS in 1996 and worked as the Chief Executive Officer until 2017 when he joined the company’s Board of Directors as Non-Executive Board Member. He sold 60% of his holding in TFS to Ratos AB in 2015.

Daniel joined Pharmacia & Upjohn in 1995, worked with clinical drug development in Sweden and Italy in areas of CNS and Oncology. Recognizing the need for a more customer centric clinical CRO he founded TFS in 1996. Under Daniel's leadership, TFS positioned itself as a global company with a focus on small and medium sized life science customers with deep expertize in selected therapeutic areas.

In 2010, Daniel received the Swedish National Award as "Man of The Year" from Ernst & Young and in the same year was awarded the title "Entrepreneur of The Year" by Founders Alliance and Grant Thornton.

As well as being a Board Member at TFS, Daniel is also a Non-Executive Board Member at Trialbee and the Founding Partner of S-Growth Advisors, a life science strategy consultancy firm based out of Boston.

Daniel holds a technical degree in chemical engineering and an OMP from Harvard Business School. Daniel is based in Boston, USA.