Executive Committee

Montse Barceló MD

Montse Barceló MD
EVP Operations and Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Montse Barceló joined TFS in 2005 and heads the global divisions TFS DevelopTM and TFS PeopleTM

Montse is a physician, qualified at the University of Barcelona in Spain. She has been working at TFS since 2005 as Regional Managing Director, Southern Europe and in 2011 took on the role as Executive Vice President Europe. In January 2016 she was appointed Chief Operation Officer.

Her career in the pharmaceutical industry started in 1994, as founder and Managing Director of CDC in Spain, over time she developed CDC into a leading 'full service' Spanish CRO that in 2005 was acquired by TFS.

Montse holds a Master's in Pharmaceutical Industry Medicine and a mini MBA for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Granted by the European Social Fund, Montse attended the ESADE Master's Degree in Women's Executive Program in Higher Management - Promociona Project.

Montse has been actively involved in the Spanish Pharmaceutical Medicine Association as a member of its Board of directors; and she is also a member of the Drug Information Association (DIA).

Montse is based in the TFS Office in Barcelona, Spain.