The dermatology Centre of Excellence is highly specialized in managing dermatology trials and patient recruitment in multiple indications supported by its in-house Clinic and research laboratory.


The Dermatology Centre of Excellence


The dermatology Centre of Excellence (formerly known as SCIderm and SCIderm Clinic) provides our dermatology clients with unmatched scientific, medical, regulatory and operational expertise.

We offer client tailored services in dermatology research from initial concept and strategy development to approaches maximizing payer reimbursement. We focus on providing input to relevant scientific and medical aspects of the clinical programs, while developing a regulatory and operational strategy to maximize speed to market. We utilize a structured approach to technologies to identify value added payer reimbursement outcomes in each stage of the clinical development continuum.

Our Centre of Excellence provides an approved and quality-evaluated study site network (the TFS Dermatology Site Network) with close cooperation to our in-house study Clinic and a highly specialized laboratory partner (Dermatologikum Diagnostic). Our Site Network and in-house study Clinic with close relation and direct access to key opinion leaders of international repute can meet the most complex trial requirements in dermatology.

Dr. Ina Zschocke leads the dermatology Centre of Excellence.