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Ina Zschocke

Ina Zschocke

Dr. Zschocke has been leading the dermatology Centre of Excellence at TFS since 2016.

Before joining TFS, she was one of the founding members and Managing Directors of SCIderm GmbH, overseeing the conduct of dermatology projects from 2002-2015. Prior to SCIderm, she was the Head of the IFKS (Private Institute for Research Management and Clinical Trials) in Freiburg.

Dr. Zschocke was the editor of the journal "Dermatology and Psychosomatics" from 2000 – 2005, and since 2013 she has been a member of the Expert Advisory Committee for the Dermatology Journal “Karger Kompass”. Dr. Zschocke has a medical background studying Psychology at University Bremen, Freiburg and Jerusalem, before becoming a research associate in Psychomatics, Psychotherapy and Dermatology at Freiburg University Hospital. She also holds a medical license as a psychological psychotherapist and has completed further training at the German Cochrane Centre and the University of Heidelberg in the field of Biometrics.

Dr. Zschocke has been on the European Commission Panel of experts for the evaluation of research proposals and she is a member of the Committee of Experts for assessing the benefits of BPI medicines. She has been awarded several research fellowships and research prizes, as well as the “Citizen Award” of the community Hamburg, Germany.

Her scientific activities have revealed numerous publications in national and international medical journals, in addition, she has been involved in the development and validation of more than 10 patient reported outcome measures.

Most recently, in 2017, Ina graduated from her Master studies of Drug Regulatory Affairs at the University in Bonn/Germany.