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Vincent Valenti

Vincent Valenti

Dr. Vicente Valentí has been actively collaborating with TFS as Medical Scientific Advisor since 2006 by providing medical expertise on oncology to TFS as a whole and in particular to the Medical Writing Unit.

Dr. Valentí has provided support in the preparation of protocols and manuscripts from several clinical and non-interventional studies and has represented TFS in customer meetings. He is also active in providing continuing medical training in oncology for TFS’s employees.

Dr. Valenti received his MD in Medicine at the University of Barcelona in 1990. He completed his speciality in Medical Oncology at the Hospital de Sant Pau (Barcelona) in 1997 and his PhD at the University Autònoma of Barcelona (2004). His doctoral work was on PTHRP and bone metastases in patients with locally advanced breast cancer. He has worked as a Medical Oncology specialist for more than 15 years, taking care of patients with cancer in the clinical setting and treating them with both support and antineoplastic treatments. He has special interest and expertise in gastrointestinal tumors, as well as in the clinical management of the antineoplastic agents, both chemotherapy and new biologic drugs.

Dr. Valentí has two postgraduate degrees, Biostatistics (2002) and Pharmacoeconomics (2012), and published more than 15 articles in peer reviewed oncology journals.   He has also been asked to present more than forty times to scientific congresses. He has been active in research for cancer treatment for more than 15 years as an investigator in more than 30 clinical trials. Dr. Vicente Valentí is currently working at the Hospital Santa Tecla in Tarragona (Spain) as head of the Clinical Oncology Department where he is responsible for both the clinical and the general management. He is currently developing research projects on cancer pharmacoeconomics with particular focus on outcomes measurement, patient preferences and patient reported outcomes.