Case study

14 May 2021

How TFS Strategic Resourcing Solutions deployed a fast, flexible cadre of in-home nurses to support COVID-19 insights.


Given the catastrophic spread of COVID-19, the search for safe and effective therapies has taken
on an unprecedented urgency. While novel therapies and vaccines were in development, one
drug developer wanted to explore the merit and utility of immunoglobulin derived from plasma in
mitigating the virus. But with the highly contagious virus limiting out-of-home site options, every
study visit needed to be conducted by nurses in patients’ homes — a tall order that few sponsors can
support. The sponsor reached out to TFS for a flexible and comprehensive solution to bring home care
nursing to the study’s 800 patients.

    Study snapshot

    Research question: Is immunoglobulin a safe and effective treatment for asymptomatic outpatients infected with SARS-CoV-2?
    Key Secondary Endpoints: Qualified home care nurses must conduct all site visits in patients’ homes with adherence to COVID-19 safety protocols
    Target recruitment: 800 patients

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