Real World Evidence (RWE) Solutions

TFS has over 15 years of experience in performing RWE studies across a broad range of indications and countries.

We offer a long proven track record as an expert in implementing and managing these large, complex projects.

TFS offers multi-disciplinary teams exclusively working on RWE with the required specific knowledge on study design and country legislation and regulations in over 25 countries to ensure cost efficient solutions.

We have the experience, knowledgeable staff, cost effective technologies and trusted partners to efficiently run large volume RWE studies to meet all your expectations.

TFS’ experience in managing RWE studies includes:

  • Real World Evidence
  • Quality of Life (QoL) studies
  • Cross-sectional studies
  • Treatment satisfaction and use comprehension
  • Cohort studies
  • Health economics
  • Case-control studies
  • Registry Trials
  • Post Authorization Safety Studies (PASS)