Case Study 2

Large Pharmaceutical client selects TFS as exclusive FSP Partner


TFS was tasked with implementing a new Functional Service Provider model to replace a non-satisfactory global outsourcing model. This model covered the operational activities for all study phases and several therapeutic areas. TFS was to be responsible for both line management and training of the team in order to ensure the appropriate quality oversight.


  • Short time to implement the new model
  • Many staff to be on-boarded
    • TFS Staff/New Staff
    • Transitioned Sponsor staff
    • Transitioned CRO staff
  • Implementation of a CRA regional model (travel ratio as metric) not previously in place
  • Model specifications: extensive training, use of customer systems
  • Metrics and vendors’ scorecards evaluation

TFS Solution

  • All TFS units were involved in supporting this model’s implementation and maintenance (e.g. IT support, HR, etc.)
  • Clear Communication flow from the very beginning including description of the roles & responsibilities
  • Fast response times to create the team quickly
  • Allocation of the right people to the appropriate roles
  • Forecasting and continuous planning: resource allocation always in mind
  • Mutual trust and transparency
  • Continuous metrics analysis with the objective of finding improvement areas
  • Alignments on goals

Customer Advantage

TFS' diligence during the model implementation ensured no impact on business continuity. Once the model was implemented there was an improvement in productivity metrics while maintaining quality.

Low staff turnover as a result of high team commitment, excellence in line management and company retention plans.

TFS gained an in-depth knowledge of the customer’s procedures, systems, products and therapeutic areas that, together with efficient allocations, ensured the best resources optimization and cost savings for our customer.