TFS Dermatology KOL and Site Network

The TFS Dermatology Site Network (DSN) is a quality-driven alliance of independent dermatologists with a large and diverse patient population.


The DSN of independent dermatologists with a large and diverse patient population and well-established referral structure connects proven experts with many years of experience in conducting clinical trials in accordance with national- and international standards and regulations. Our DSN partners are thoroughly evaluated at the end of each clinical trial having performance and quality metrics recorded.

The benefits for our dermatology clients

  • Large number of DSN approved study sites with consistent high quality standards
  • Efficient site contracting in close collaboration with the TFS Study Start up Unit (SSU)
  • Low administrative overhead due to pre-existing agreements and a centralized contracting process at TFS supported by legal and the SSU
  • Fast recruitment of eligible patients according to protocol criteria
  • Project implementation in a trusted partnership

DSN strengths

  • Prompt and reliable feedback to various (on-line) feasibility questions requests
  • High recruitment rate with low drop-out and query rates
  • Close cooperation with the TFS Clinical Development Services team
  • State-of-the-art clinics with the latest technological equipment available
  • Focus on qualitative patient support, from recruitment to follow-up
  • Close access to a specialized dermatology laboratory

The DSN includes quality evaluated and approved study sites in North America and Europe and is collaborating with more than 1300 dermatology sites and further expanding the network. Through Citeline, we have access to >5000 dermatology sites to help you identify the right sites for your studies. Leading experts and key-opinion leaders in dermatology are supporting all considerations of regional study demographics and provide advice to the clinical trial content, planning and execution. 

DSN Efficiency

  • High patient recruitment rates
  • More than 5 years of study experience
  • Minimal administrative and contractual involvement due to pre-existing site agreements, results in rapid study start-up and fast patient recruitment

DSN Quality

  • Established quality assurance processes ensuring national- and international regulatory standards for clinical research 
  • Capturing quality- and performance metrics allowing for continuous improvements 
  • Stable, long-term and reliable partnerships

DSN International Expertise

  • Close cooperation with key experts and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in dermatology- and immunology, providing scientific and medical advice to the clinical trial planning and execution 
  • Combining regional dermatology expertise with global advisory boards
  • Experience from managing and recruiting patients in large international pivotal- and late stage trials