TFS Clinic

In addition to the TFS Dermatology Site Network (DSN) the dermatology Center of Excellence has its own in-house Clinic.


The dermatology specialists and study nurses employed at our in-house Clinic are trained according to international GCP standards. The highly qualified team with years of experience in planning, managing and recruiting patients to phase II - IV clinical trials has a large database to recruit patients from and an efficient network of referring DSN. In addition, the in-house Clinic cooperates closely with the Dermatologikum in Hamburg, Germany being one of the largest dermatology practices and outpatient clinics in Europe.

TFS Basic Dermatology Research

TFS exclusively cooperates with the Dermatologikum in Hamburg, Germany to offer state-of-the art laboratory research to address a variety of basic science questions in dermatology. A team of experienced dermato-pathologists and molecular biologists offers high-level characterization and diagnosis of skin biopsies as well as a broad range of investigational tools including:

  • Expert evaluation of Haematoxylin and Eosin stained pathology slides
  • Immunohistochemistry with a large panel of markers related to dendritic and T cell subpopulations, epidermal differentiation, endothelial cells and inflammation
  • A spectrum of molecular biology tools to analyze the expression of relevant cytokines in skin samples with the possibility to monitor inflammatory circuits before and after therapy
  • Innovative molecular biology methods to detect and characterize infectious agents (e.g. HSV, VZV, HPV, mycobacteria, dermatophytes, leishmania) in biopsy material
  • Special cell culture models to study in vitro the penetration and biologic activity of topically applied substances
  • A variety of classical and innovative microbiology techniques to monitor skin colonization with different bacteria