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Anna Tenstam

Anna Tenstam
Medical Aesthetics/Dermatology

A leading international executive and entrepreneur within medical aesthetics and dermatology since 1999, Anna has been acting as a senior advisor for TFS since 2017.

Anna Tenstam is the CEO, Executive VP and Chairman in several international companies in the specialist areas of aesthetics, dermatology, and medical devices. In her business experience Anna has been working with both public companies as well as start-ups, focusing on a variety of therapeutic areas.

In the past 15 years, she has focused on dermal fillers, and managed global brands such as Restylane, Evolence, and Aquamid, as well as market innovations for companies like Eternogen in the US.

Ms Tenstam’s work with startups and developing companies has led to several M&As with companies such as Medicis, J&J, Galderma and recently Big Foot Medical for a diabetes medical device.

In the past Ms Tenstam served as head of clinical research for Bristol-Myers Squibb, and has been highly involved in clinical trials for other companies, including PMA studies in the US that led to FDA approvals.

Anna also serves as a board member in several companies operating in the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and aesthetics.

She holds an MBA from IMD Lausanne and from the Stockholm Business School.