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Magnus Sjögren

Magnus Sjögren

Associate Professor, MD, PhD, Magnus Sjögren serves as TFS’ Medical Scientific Advisor in clinical and translational drug development since 2013.

He has extensive experience in drug development and translational research in several therapeutic areas, in particular CNS but also oncology and inflammation.

Dr. Sjögren has held several senior executive and scientific positions, Chief Medical Officer at DiaGenic ASA; Vice President at UCB Pharma in Belgium and UK; Global Head of Translational Medicine in Schering-Plough; Senior Clinical Research Director in Organon NV and AstraZeneca.

He is a specialist in clinical psychiatry with more than 17 years of practical clinical experience. He is Associate Professor, and the author of more than 200 scientific publications, h-index 34, and an invited speaker at numerous International conferences. He has also been affiliated as Lecturer/Professor to the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. His scientific work has focused on translational science/medicine, biomarkers for early decision making, smart clinical trials, placebo effects in CNS trials, and diagnostics in neuroscience. In neuroscience, he has covered most areas and in particular Alzheimer's disease, Affective disorders, Schizophrenia, Parkinsons disease and Epilepsy.