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Peter Weisenseel

Peter Weisenseel

Dr. Peter Weisenseel is a Scientific Advisor in Dermatology with TFS since 2015, Head of Medial Affairs at SCIderm GMbH and Senior Doctor at the Dermatologikum in Hamburg, Germany.

Dr. Weisenseel is a certified Dermatologist and Allergist with over 15 years of dermatological expertise in chronic inflammatory skin diseases and clinical studies. Since 2012, Dr. Weisenseel has been Senior Doctor at the Dermatologikum Hamburg (Europe´s largest dermatological private practice) and Head of Medical Affairs at SCIderm GmbH, Hamburg. Prior to this, he was Medical Development Manager at Janseen-Cilag GmbH.

Dr. Weisenseel completed his medical studies at Ludwig Maximilians-University (Munich) and Albertus Magnus University (Cologne) with a doctoral thesis in heart transplantation. From 2000 to 2009, he served as resident/Post-Resident Doctor at the Department of Dermatology and Allergy, Ludwig Maximilians-University.

Dr. Weisenseel has 26 PubMed publications including articles, reviews and case reports and is a contributing writer to several book chapters. Additionally, he is the author of numerous scientific national and international presentations.