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Snezana Leitz

Snezana Leitz

Dr Snezana (Zana) Leitz was appointed as Executive Director Dermatology, U.S., for TFS in September 2017.

Dr Leitz will be based in Princeton and will take over responsibility of the Therapeutic Area Dermatology in the US, thereby growing the Dermatology Network, supporting BD activities as well as providing medical monitoring and medical advice in specific trials. She will be part of the Dermatology Center of Excellence.

Dr Leitz completed her medical studies in Serbia, followed by a postdoctoral clinical research phase, both in Serbia and the U.S. She holds an MD and MSc from the University Novi Sad School of Medicine, Serbia, and an MBA in pharmaceutical management from Rutgers University Business School, NJ.

Dr. Leitz has more than 14 years’ of clinical research experience, specializing in the Dermatology therapeutic area. She was previously a Medical Director in Dermatology and Cosmetics/Aesthetics, Clinical/Medical Affairs and R&D for major pharmaceutical companies including Galderma, Allergan, GSK, Novartis and Bayer.

Dr. Leitz has a strong relationship with Clinical Research sites, Universities and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).