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At TFS HealthScience, we acknowledge our mandate to deliver not only outstanding clinical development and strategic resourcing services but also to employ our influence as a catalyst for beneficial change within the communities we serve. Guided by this philosophy, we take pride in the initiative that merges our involvement in conferences and events with a substantial philanthropic facet.

Our mission is rooted in a deep respect for the scientific community and a commitment to furthering global health. We have immense appreciation for the persistent research efforts in the areas of disease and illness across all therapeutic areas and indications. Central to our initiative, we pledge to make a donation to a charity associated with the theme of every event we attend. This gesture enables us to directly aid research communities working towards a deeper understanding and developing solutions in a variety of health science fields.

Moreover, these charitable contributions will be made on behalf of the conference attendees who visit our booth. As we establish connections and interactions, our booth transitions into a vehicle for generosity, transforming each dialogue into a charitable act. By choosing to participate in this initiative, attendees won’t leave the event with enhanced knowledge and connections but also with the rewarding knowledge of having contributed to a worthy cause.

In an era that is becoming increasingly sensitive to sustainability, we are committed to restructuring our presence at conferences and events. Initiatives linked with philanthropy also assist us in evolving toward a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly operation. We embody this by curtailing or eliminating paper and single-use plastic for branded resources, thereby reflecting our pledge to advocate for environmental sustainability. Our initiatives aim to nurture a culture of generosity and sustainability that extends beyond the borders of the event venue.

We are deeply excited about this initiative and its potential to seamlessly align our objectives of advancing science, promoting sustainability, and stimulating positive change. We eagerly await your presence at our next event, where, in unison, we can carve a legacy of benevolence.

Take a look at the charities we have supported, raising more than €6,000 with the help of TFS employees and event or conference attendees for the first half of the year:

TFS supports AECC with charitable donationTFS Supports AFM Telethon with Charitable DonationTFS Supports ALS with Charitable DonationTFS supports Conquer Cancer with charitable donationTFS supports the Dermatology Foundation with charitable donationTFS Supports EyeCare American with Charitable DonationTFS supports Fundacion Elenabarraquer with charitable donationTFS supports the LLS with charitable donationTFS supports MSF/Doctors without Borders with charitable donationTFS supports Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy with charitable donationTFS Supports SJD with charitable donationTFS supports st jude children's research hospital with charitable donation