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Our Approach
to COVID-19

We’re all in this together. We’re all here for you.

Bassem Saleh

Chief Executive Officer

“While the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we remain focused on our values and our mission while keeping employees, customers and patients at the center of our attention. We are prepared to respond to challenges and head for recovery while relying on our strong business model and great teams. It seems difficult to think about anything else at this point but, at TFS, we are looking ahead. We pursue our mission to build strategic partnerships with our customers in order to bring treatments to patients faster. Moreover, TFS is playing a significant role in the global effort to find suitable treatment options for patients through our current COVID-19 studies. We are in this together. We are here for you.

I’d like to thank all of our employees who are making the effort to ensure the continuity of our business and who are standing by our clients, investigators and patients. We have mobilized resources and capabilities to offer flexible solutions to our partners who need to face the new reality, and make informed decisions.”

TFS Faces COVID-19 Head On


TFS is agile. We are able to adapt and offer flexible solutions to our clients


TFS remains aware of the current and projected industry trends and mitigations for COVID-19


TFS believes that communication is key and that it’s even more critical now to have a proactive approach to clinical trials management


TFS is considerate of efficiencies needed in order to adapt to the needs of our clients and their clinical trials


TFS considers safety paramount, therefore offers solutions to employees and customers in order to educate and reduce risk

Virtual studies a solution in time of COVID-19

Virtual Studies

Aligned to face the crisis

TFS has formed a task force to evaluate the impact of the pandemic on an ongoing basis and to provide a perspective on the road to recovery. Our top priorities are the safety of our patients, clients and employees while maintaining business continuity.

TFS engages leaders across critical departments to discuss the challenges of the new reality and the solutions our customers need.

Executive Committee

TFS’ executive team jointly lead the efforts to manage the crisis by strengthening our capability to deliver the right solutions and navigate the changing environment of clinical research. Our leaders collaborate to provide oversight across the entire organization to support our employees and customers.


Global Clinical Operations

Human Resources

Information Technology

Strategic Resourcing

Quality, Compliance and Legal


Managing through the crisis

  • We combine scientific expertise and flexibility of solutions with excellence and quality

  • We work with commitment to support our customers throughout these challenging times

  • Our IT infrastructure ensures that our employees continue to maintain their activities while working from home

  • Our business systems and tools allow for seamless collaboration on projects

  • Our Human Resources department closely follows health authorities’ guidelines and provides support to employees in all TFS countries

  • TFS continues to follow the recommendations from the World Health Organization, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the US regarding COVID-19

What we offer


Regulatory Guidance

Project Management

Flexible Solutions

Ramp to recovery with TFS

  • Industry trends and projections

  • Global regulatory considerations

  • Mitigations in patient care, oversight
    and office logistics

  • Project safety and quality assurance

  • Clinical monitoring strategies

  • Site recruitment mitigations

  • Therapeutic marketspace and economics during a pandemic

  • Technology during COVID-19

  • Tools innovation and implementation

  • Continued strategies in flexibility

  • Best documentation practices

  • Adaptation in SOPs

Contact us to learn more about how TFS can help you navigate these special times.

TRI 5 Minutes 5 Questions Interview with Marcia Swank, Operational Strategy Lead at TFS

Marcia Swank

Operational Strategy Lead COVID-19 Task Force

“TFS’ Ramp to Recovery task force focuses on the safety and well-being of employees, the health and rights of patients in our research projects while implementing the latest regulatory guidance applicable to the conduct of our work. To effectively meet the challenges of the COVID-19 reality and to create true solution-driven partnerships we recognize the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Bringing together the Executive Committee, Human Resources, IT and the leaders of other critical TFS departments is evidence of our commitment to our customers.”

Andreia de Melo Cabral

EVP Human Resources, Recruitment and Communications

“Employees are our biggest assets. In these challenging times, we are devoted to protecting our employees by encouraging all to work from home and by constantly monitoring the safety of travel and site activities in all TFS countries.

We very much appreciate all our employees stepping up and taking on the challenge to work remotely while being able to deliver with the same outstanding quality. I am very proud of our ability to keep up the efficiency and the sense of community across our organization. We remain vigilant regarding the health and safety of our staff and customers.”

Young Shon

Chief Information Officer

“Our strong IT infrastructure and the professionalism of our staff ensure that our employees are able to continue with their activity as usual while fully complying with recommendations of the local authorities.

At TFS, we have adapted quickly to new ways of working, new methods to engage with customers and our employees. With the accelerated shift toward a more digital work environment, we may be working differently nowadays but we are proud of our continued proficient project execution and tailored approach to meet the specific demands of our clients.”

TFS COVID-19 Studies

TFS is well-positioned to manage global studies requiring extensive local knowledge and established networks. We have exceptional relationships with sites and KOLs, and we have processes in place to effectively manage COVID-19 trials. TFS plays a significant role in the global effort to find suitable treatment options for COVID-19 patients.


Demonstrating strong customer focus and therapeutic expertise, TFS CRO has been awarded new COVID-19 studies.

TFS is working in collaboration with sponsors, at an unprecedented pace. Our operational teams are participating in various studies, targeting coronavirus disease patients or analyzing the real world evidence to…

TFS partnered to conduct a global RWE study on COVID-19 pandemic.

Study results available First results from the COVID-Real study were published in BMJ This RWE study by TFS  jointly with IOMED and OHDSI, describes 2,686 patients hospitalized with COVID-19…