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TFS Vice President, Strategic Resourcing Solutions Business Unit

Hanna Sandvall

VP, Head of Strategic Resourcing Solutions

Hanna is the Vice President, Head of Strategic Resourcing Solutions

Hanna joined TFS in March 2023 as Vice President of Strategic Resourcing Solutions, responsible for supporting the development and execution of customizable resourcing and talent management strategies for the company. Within her role, Hanna also coordinates with TFS Clinical Development Services (CDS) to deliver full-service clinical development programs and services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers.

Hanna brings more than 15 years of business development and leadership experience within the life sciences sector to TFS. She has previously served in senior leadership roles at several international companies, including at Randstad, the world’s largest human resources services company, as Director of Life Sciences and Engineering and CEO and sales manager of LabRum. She has extensive experience in consulting relationships supporting the life sciences.

Hanna has a master of science degree in chemical engineering from Lund University.