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Together We Make A Difference

Joining Hands for Health: Fuel Philanthropy with TFS

June 16, 2023
At TFS HealthScience, we acknowledge our mandate to deliver not only outstanding clinical development and strategic resourcing services but also to employ our influence as a catalyst for beneficial change…

Overcoming Barriers to Inclusion: Advancing Diversity in Clinical Research

June 15, 2023
Clinical trials play an instrumental role in advancing medical knowledge and patient care. However, a persistent challenge remains: the lack of diverse participation. Despite increasing recognition of the importance of…

Trailblazing Progress: A Colorful Timeline of LGBTQIA+ Milestones in Clinical Research

June 7, 2023
At TFS HealthScience, we firmly believe that recognizing and honoring diversity is crucial to advancing the field of clinical research. Take a look at our infographic, "Trailblazing Progress: A Colorful…

Three Ways AI is Revolutionizing Ophthalmology

May 26, 2023
As the world strides rapidly into the twenty-first century, the technological winds of change have touched every sphere of life, including the medical sector. The ever-evolving field of Artificial Intelligence…

Healthy Vision Month: Protecting Your Eyes for a Lifetime of Clear Sight

May 18, 2023
Having healthy vision goes far beyond simply seeing well. Our eyes are windows into our overall health, reflecting the state of our well-being. To achieve optimal vision, it is essential…

How Motherhood Shaped TFS HealthScience’s Ina Zschocke – in the Office and at Home

May 11, 2023
Like many, my journey to the clinical research industry was not a direct path. I studied psychology in college, and while I found it fascinating, I realized that my true…

Eye Care, Ophthalmic Research, and the Philanthropic Powerhouses Transforming the Industry

May 11, 2023
The world of eye care and ophthalmic research is vast, complex, and continually evolving. The progress within this field impacts countless individuals worldwide, with vision disorders affecting approximately 2.2 billion…