Functional Services (FSP)

Flexible, scalable, and trusted FSP outsourcing solutions

Modern clinical studies require increasingly responsive solutions. TFS HealthScience provides fit-for-purpose FSP outsourcing solutions uniquely tailored to each customer’s needs with a fully integrated and dedicated team to offer enhanced quality, flexibility, and sustained efficiencies.

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Our experience is your advantage

TFS HealthScience FSP delivers for our partners, using Synergy to align with our customers strategy to connect the clinical development ecosystem and build a personalized strategic partnership through excellence, collaboration and trust.

With teams based in 17 countries, we strategically support both international and local sponsors enabling them to expand their reach and supplement their projects with selected services to meet their requirements at any phase of the study.

For customers that require specialized therapeutic or special population expertise, TFS has a wide range of experience in the areas of hematology and oncology, dermatology, immunology & inflammatory diseases, ophthalmology, internal medicine, and neurology as well as rare diseases and pediatrics, among others.

Dedicated Strategic Partner committed to every aspect of your drug development journey

TFS HealthScience provides a client-centric FSP solution that enables our partners to focus on core product development. We are prepared to work alongside you to provide fit-for-purpose solutions through your drug-development journey, offering a customized outsourcing model. TFS HealthScience is known for gaining an in-depth knowledge of our customer's products, procedures, and systems that, together with the seamless integration of our therapeutic and operational expertise, ensure our partners benefit from embedded team optimization and cost savings.

Your partner for value creation

Built upon the TFS values of trust, quality, flexibility, and passion, the TFS FSP team strives to develop a partnership with our customers that creates synergistic value—better together. Expect us to:

  • Focus on provision of best-in-class services for requested functions

  • Provide focused, cost-effective use of experienced teams

  • Simplify complex processes with quality measurements

  • Grow together, building upon core competencies

  • Offer a scalable pricing model

  • Leverage technology solutions to meet deliverables

An FSP model for today’s demands and tomorrow’s opportunities

  • FSP Service

    • TFS Single Service Capabilities
    • Embedded Team
    • Follow TFS or Client SOPs & Systems
  • FSP Total

    • TFS enables functional Service(s), including Operational Oversight
    • Follow TFS Process, Procedures & Systems
  • FSP Resource

    • TFS provides Strategic Resourcing & Managerial Support
    • Client manages Operational Oversight including Systems and Procedures
  • FSP Hybrid

    • TFS deploys FSP for components of the drug development process, alongside full-service model (offering)

Experts to support your objectives

TFS HealthScience FSP Solution provides a collaborative space with our clients to set a path for success: developing a shared vision and mission; establishing trust between organizations through transparency; focusing on results-based solutions; and operating with an agile mind-set of continuous improvement and adaptation. Supporting the partnership will be impactful governance with metrics outlining key performance and risk indicators (KPIs/KRIs) and data-driven solutions.

One project, one team

TFS FSP offers scalable, strategic support from a select function to a full-service solution. We specialize in cost-effective, tailor-made solutions that leverage our experts' skills to optimize your study outcome.

  • Kymberli Shropshire

    Head of Functional Service Partnerships (FSP)

    • High-capacity analytical, customer-focused operations leader with experience in data analysis, business strategy development, service delivery enhancement, and multinational organizational leadership
    • Expert in cultivating long-term strategic partnerships and alliances that yield returns
    • Proficient as business champion and change agent in large-scale, diverse business settings
    • Excels in identifying process, knowledge, and technology gaps, introducing best practices, and leading operational excellence initiatives that propel margin, productivity, service delivery, and customer satisfaction

TFS FSP expertise is built on years of experience combined with in-depth knowledge of our customers’ objectives, as well as an understanding of future trends. Our consistent track record of high-quality results is possible due to our straightforward contracting and pricing policy and strong in-house talent pool and training. Talk to us today about how an FSP solution can create value for you.

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