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TFS is working in collaboration with sponsors, at an unprecedented pace. Our operational teams are participating in various studies, targeting coronavirus disease patients or analyzing the real world evidence to bring treatments to COVID-19 patients faster. TFS is continuously recognized for agility as well as the knowledge and experience of our teams.

In-depth expertise in the field of internal medicine as well as a strong presence in Spain allow TFS to partner with customers on four more trials on COVID-19. The studies total up to more than 3300 patients in 17 sites covering full a spectrum of COVID-19 patient population from ICU patients, hospitalized pneumonia and non-severe confirmed cases.

Speaking about TFS’s involvement in these studies, Dr. Bassem Saleh, CEO said “We are hopeful that we can play a significant role in the global effort to find suitable treatment options for COVID-19 patients. TFS is well- positioned to manage studies requiring extensive local knowledge and an established network. We have exceptional relationships with sites and KOLs globally, and we have processes in place to effectively manage COVID-19 trials.

For further information, please contact:

Sylwia Domagalska
Director Marketing and Communications
Phone: +48 787 913 074