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Driving the Future of Ophthalmology – A Spotlight on Our Recent Feature in European Biotechnology Magazine

Did you miss our recent feature in the Spring 2023 edition of the esteemed European Biotechnology magazine? TFS HealthScience was spotlighted in the CRO Takeover section, an accolade following our recent strategic acquisition of the Swiss Appletree CI Group intended to bolster our position as a pioneer in ophthalmology.

This acquisition marks a significant step forward for TFS in our relentless pursuit to become a market leader in the ophthalmology field. As stated in the magazine feature, we have now expanded our expertise in ophthalmology, and our clients stand to reap the benefits of this enriched capacity.

This move comes in light of the rapid advancements being made in the field of ophthalmology. A recent study published in The Journal of American Medicine showed a staggering 203% increase in funding for ophthalmology research from 2014 to 2020. Furthermore, the global ophthalmology drug market is projected to grow to $60.3 billion by 2028. By acquiring Appletree CI Group, we are keen on tapping into these developments and continue to be at the forefront of driving innovation.

TFS CEO, Bassem Saleh, has highlighted this strategic acquisition as a clear indicator of TFS’s growth and success. He stated, “We are proud to partner with Appletree as we continue to provide our clients with in-depth, comprehensive knowledge and therapeutic expertise, particularly in the field of ophthalmology. This partnership will have a measurable impact on better treatments for patients and company growth, establishing a new presence in Switzerland and additional presence in Poland, Belgium, Hungary, and the U.K.”

The addition of Appletree CI Group not only strengthened our therapeutic focus in ophthalmology but also extended our global footprint. This partnership enhances our mission to lead in ophthalmology research and is a significant step toward our strategic business shift. Our recently launched elite site network initiative and site liaison services are also set to revolutionize the industry’s approach to ophthalmology clinical trial delivery.

Marcia Swank, VP of TFS HealthScience’s Ophthalmology Business Unit, described the acquisition as a significant milestone, emphasizing the value of specialized expertise in the ophthalmology industry. She remarked, “This is a significant milestone for our company as we finalize our first acquisition in ophthalmology, establishing clear leadership in a niche industry where expertise is highly valued.”

As we celebrate our placement in the European Biotechnology magazine, we remain committed to our goal of driving forward the future of ophthalmology. We’re incredibly excited for what lies ahead for TFS HealthScience, our partners, and our clients. Together, we are creating a healthier future.

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