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Clinical Monitoring

TFS clinical monitoring offers the right people and right solutions to keep your clinical trial on track

Right people, right solutions

TFS HealthScience tailors clinical monitoring solutions for each protocol, ensuring the best mix of people, sites, strategies, and resources for your requirements. Our Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) bring a global perspective to the study so they can look more holistically at the data to determine potential risks and have an opportunity to correct and mitigate issues.


Mitigate risk with strategic monitoring

A strategic monitoring plan is developed for each study, depending on study specifics, identified risks, and customer preferences. All monitoring is conducted in accordance with TFS’ Site Monitoring Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure qualilty, consistency, and compliance with all applicable global and national regulations and data laws.

Strategic monitoring plans include one or more of the solutions below:

On-site monitoring

Activities conducted by the CRA at the investigational site

Remote monitoring

Activities conducted off-site which aim to accomplish the objectives of monitoring; these may include but are not limited to: remote monitoring visits, off-site data review, teleconferences or web-conferences, electronic document collection, etc

Centralized monitoring

Remote evaluation of accumulating data across the study, performed in a timely manner, supported by appropriately qualified and trained staff

Online project tracking

Customer portal to track your project deliverables

Risk-based monitoring

Dynamic approach to the design, implementation, and oversight of the trial based on an in-depth scientific and operational risk assessment

Data-driven insights enable risk-based monitoring

TFS analytics and near real-time data insights provide the ability to see critical, holistic patient and study data faster. This leads to better informed decisions, enabling monitoring solutions to be applied where they are needed, and ultimately, more efficient trial management.

Why choose TFS RBM?

  • Improved data quality
  • Faster data flow
  • Early safety signal detection
  • Analytics for better oversight
  • Cost optimization

One project, one team


60% of CRAs with 3+ years of experience;
100+ with 10+ years of experience

Clear Planning & Monitoring

Detailed metrics and key performance
indicators assigned to each role and project

Onboarding & Mentoring

We work together and we improve together


Scientific and medical background
appropriate to your study

Global, National & Local Insight

Master Service Aggrements (MSAs)
with nearly 1,000 high-performing sites

Great Value

Flexible team and plans attuned to project needs

TFS clinical monitoring enables better site selection and on-time, high-quality data. We encourage you to expect more—and we aim to deliver.

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