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Your research advantage

With TFS’ adaptable resourcing strategies, you can achieve cost-effective solutions for your data management needs. Engage the services of a single data manager or tap into the synergistic power of an entire team, creating an optimal solution without the burden of internal hiring.

Our data managers excel in a myriad of services, from translating protocols into Case Report Forms (CRF) and a database to the delivery of the final product, SDTM-compliant datasets ready for statistical analysis. We assure top-tier service preparing regulatory-compliant SDTM and ADaM packages across diverse therapeutic areas. The team’s comprehensive understanding of a wide variety of systems facilitates a streamlined focus on protocol requirements, reducing technological complexities. Equipped with extensive hands-on experience and adaptability, our team is primed to accommodate your specific needs with proficiency in numerous data management and EDC platforms. By choosing TFS HealthScience, you’re trusting a team that’s dedicated to innovation, quality, and outstanding results in data management.

Our data management expertise

We take pride in our skilled data managers who offer unmatched expertise and a commitment to precision, bringing a wealth of knowledge to ensure your projects’ success.

Their forward-thinking approach allows them to forecast analysis requirements and ensure data is captured in the most effective format. They are steadfast in their pursuit of excellence, validating all system components seamlessly throughout the study period, and demonstrating their ability to adapt to any arising modifications.
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Their work aligns consistently with the elevated benchmarks set by esteemed organizations like SCDM and CDISC, confirming our commitment to the highest industry standards. Quality control isn’t merely a task for them, but an intrinsic part of their operations.
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Their keen eye for detail provides proficiency in detecting discrepancies and identifying trends, ensuring the utmost accuracy of the data. Yet, they go beyond simple error identification; they are problem solvers who provide efficient solutions, transforming potential setbacks into opportunities for advancement.

Our therapeutic proficiency

We take immense pride in the vast therapeutic experience that our highly skilled team of data managers possesses. With years of industry expertise under their belts, our team members are well-versed in a wide range of therapeutic areas, enabling us to provide comprehensive support to pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies.

Therapeutic experience of TFS data managers

Evidence Reflects Excellence

See what differentiates TFS data managers from the rest:

They possess the expertise to seamlessly bridge gaps between processes and functional groups. With extensive experience, our team can swiftly assess and adapt to each client’s unique requirements, a crucial component in navigating diverse practices across different companies. We take pride in our ability to flexibly fulfill various Data Management roles, ensuring that all necessary tasks are diligently executed, regardless of the team responsible for their delivery. Averaging 25 years of industry experience, each member of our data management team has a comprehensive understanding of a wide variety of systems with many holding SCDM certifications.
They excel in their approach to vendor integrations. By going beyond simply understanding the integration requirements, our team actively seeks out atypical aspects that demand special attention and thoughtful design. By asking the right questions, we proactively anticipate potential downstream impacts, considering both programmatic implications and throughput considerations. Our Data Managers ensure a comprehensive understanding of the integration process, enabling seamless and efficient integration of systems and minimizing any potential disruptions.

Data Manager Spotlight

At TFS, our strength lies in our dedicated and experienced team of professionals. In the spotlight are our talented data managers – the guardians of information, the architects of accuracy, the champions of consistency. Hear their stories, their challenges, and most importantly, their passions.

Dottie BlythePrincipal Clinical Data Manager

I love the science of clinical research and am proud to be contributing to making life on this planet better.

Rae HopeSenior Clinical Data Manager

My passion for clinical research has deepened, knowing there are individuals relying on our work's success! Every role within this field contributes significantly towards achieving our shared goal.

Teresa KerrSenior Clinical Data Manager

I have always known that my career in clinical research, and specifically Data Management, has real-world meaning and value. As a medical professional, that knowledge has been my motivation to do my best work day in and day out.

Wendy SmithPrincipal Clinical Data Manager

30 years plus, and still loving my job! From working with the scientists in pre-clinical lab experiments to helping review Clinical Study Reports, I have thoroughly enjoyed each study team I have been involved with and continue to learn and grow with each project.

Stephanie HighSenior Clinical Data Manager

Over the past 20+ years of working in clinical research, it has been exciting to see a drug that I worked on go to market. It’s very rewarding to know that I have played a small role in making someone’s health better.

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