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Technology continues to advance at an ever-increasing pace. As pressures rise to simultaneously reduce cost whilst increasing regulatory compliance, it is critical now more than ever, that such technologies are widely leveraged to support this objective. Yet for many years, despite their existence, tools to support automation and improve visibility of safety data to aid identification and characterization of risk have not been widely implemented. TFS address this issue through their recent Veeva Vault Safety implementation, which is now available to TFS customers.

Ian Kovacs, Global Head of Safety at TFS attended the Veeva Safety Forum for life science professionals to discuss the benefits of the new solution “This implementation is a part of broader strategy to offer our mid-size biotech safety partners the latest advances in automation that larger organizations have been benefitting from for some time. While further increasing focus on patients’ safety, Vault Safety solution enables us to respond to our customers’ needs, providing direct access to their safety data in real-time, gateway reporting to the authorities and a platform upon which to integrate our automation capabilities. Vault Safety facilitates an even greater alignment between TFS and our clients.”

TFS is committed to offering small to mid-sized biopharma companies’ industry-leading technologies at an economic price point, without compromise. Vault Safety provided much needed advancements in safety database technology, without the need for cost-prohibitive add-ons and customizations. Moreover, it allows for further integration across data solutions and processes. It firmly aligns with TFS aim to leverage technology to improve patient safety whilst reducing financial burden and increasing compliance.