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Dear Customers and Vendors,

As Chief Executive Officer at TFS, I wanted to take the opportunity to explain to you our approach to recent developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Firstly, I would like you to know that our employees, patients and cliens health and safety are our main priority. TFS follows the guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the different local public health authorities. These refer to businesses and employers regarding plans and preparations that can be made to ensure readiness for a potential escalation in the Coronavirus outbreak.

With these in mind we have reviewed our company set up to ensure we can maintain continuity and carry on delivering results to our clients with ease and minimal disruption.

To assure safe operational continuity we have been providing live advice to our employees on travel, working remotely and study site visits in the different countries with round-the-clock updates to our dedicated COVID-19 page on the TFS intranet.

Due to the use of cloud-based solutions as well as access to digital platforms, we are confident that business will not be hindered should the epidemic reach new heights. For now, business essential travels and activities will proceed nless relaed o he mos affeced conries or areas Id like o assre o that we are monitoring the developing situation and have planning in place to provide a continued service. Remote work has been encouraged and advice to employees and special precautions applied at the offices.

TFS will be taking different approaches to guarantee the continuation of studies with minimal disruption. Those will be following the guidance put out by regulators. Some changes to be considered may include replacing in-person study site visits with remote visits and other actions to minimise disruption to patient recruitment, treatment and follow up on our studies. TFS also requests sponsors and study sites to work closely with our project teams and support us in actively eliminating any risks to patients or the integrity of the studies, by taking effective actions and immediately advising TFS of such.

Our thoughts are with those affected by this unprecedented outbreak and its consequences and our appreciation is with the healthcare workers and those around the world who have been working tirelessly to contain it. At TFS, we remain focused and our dedication is crucial as we navigate these challenging times. We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy. Regards,

Bassem Saleh, MD, FFPM, CCT
Chief Executive Officer
TFS Trial Form Support International AB