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Clinical Research Excellence

Strategic growth to support our customers and bring treatments to patients faster

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TFS HealthScience supports biotech and pharmaceutical companies with tailored clinical development and resource solutions. We combine the full-service capabilities and global reach of a large CRO with the flexibility and personal approach only a mid-size CRO can deliver. With TFS you get a shared commitment to your success. Expect more.

Clinical Development

Scientific and operational experts tailor solutions to meet the needs of your project from regulatory strategy and clinical operations phases I-III to post-authorization and real-world evidence studies.

Resourcing Solutions

Insource a single critical need to a fully managed team. Our flexible staffing and recruitment services provide high-quality performance, expertise, and dedication to bringing your products to market faster.

Functional Services (FSP)

From global end-to-end clinical development to a single service, we create fit-for-purpose FSP outsourcing models that approach your clinical workforce management efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Expertise

TFS demonstrates scientific and medical excellence across a broad therapeutic
spectrum with industry-leading capabilities in the following areas:

Dermatology, Immunology & Inflammatory Diseases

A global network of more than 6,000 sites and our own in-house experts and clinic

Internal Medicine

More than 3,000 partner sites and over 350 studies in the last 5 years


Over 150 full-service clinical studies across neurology, psychiatry, and pain indications

Oncology & Hematology

Nearly 9,000 patients across about 800 partner sites in the last 5 years


Specialized senior expertise and global advisors complemented by over 500 partner sites

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Real World Evidence

We help bridge the gap between clinical trials and clinical practice by delivering quality evidence and reliable outcomes. TFS has pragmatic Phase IV trials across a broad range of indications at over more than 20 years of experience designing and running global non-interventional studies (NIS) at nearly 7,000 sites worldwide.

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Virtual Studies:
Decentralized study solutions to reach participants where they are and keep your study on track

No industry is immune to the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic. The clinical trials industry has witnessed increasing acceptance of virtual data and communication technologies by physicians, patients, ethics committees, regulatory agencies, and sponsors. TFS has expertise managing large global clinical studies using the latest technologies all integrated through our digital platform to reach patients where they are. For 25 years our customers have trusted us with their clinical development programs, and now more than ever, we are prepared to offer tailored solutions to meet customer challenges, no matter the size.

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Expert & Talent Solutions

With more than 25 years of experience in the Health Science industry customers turn to us as their first choice when looking for advisory or project support. Our network of key opinion leaders, subject matter experts and industry leading talent is available to help with critical business decisions and the delivery of key project milestones.

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About Us

TFS HealthScience is a global
Contract Research Organization (CRO)
that partners with biotechnology and
pharmaceutical companies
throughout their entire clinical
development process.

In partnership, we build solution-driven teams of experienced professionals working together for a healthier future. TFS provides scientific expertise and a full scope of services and resourcing solutions to allow you to stay focused on health innovations. Explore how our solutions can help drive your clinical research.

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Motivated by results and driven by passion for great work, we are a team with a common goal: to bring treatments to patients faster. What we do thrills us and we’re looking for amazing people to join our team. Find your place with us.

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