Luke Gill

EVP, Clinical Development Services

Head of Hematology and Oncology

Luke joined TFS in February 2021 to lead Clinical Development Services. He provides strategic and collaborative operational guidance to internal cross functional teams as well as a consultative approach in developing novel solutions for biotech organizations as a subject matter expert in clinical development strategy, planning key drivers for gating decisions, pharmacology, translational medicine, due diligence, and indications evaluation.

Luke brings more than 25 years of successful drug development experience including delivery of pivotal registration studies and scientific expertise in design and delivery of cell therapies, targeted small molecules, and immune-oncology clinical development plans across rare indications, solid tumor, and hematological malignancies.

Prior to joining TFS, Luke held multiple leadership positions in large and mid-size CROs including the head of an oncology of business unit and has previously worked for organizations such GSK, Pfizer, Astra and Aventis.

Luke holds a Neuro & Molecular Pharmacology Master’s degree and has authored a number of publications with a focus in cell signaling pathways at the University Bristol.